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Somewhat early the next morning, a knock comes at the door to Arcee and the gang's suite, or rather a 'chime'. Knocks are so terribly old fashioned and who knows what the door bell things in sci-fi movies are actually called? Up to this time, there has been no major change in the Falcon's condition status. All reports to this point have said that they still aren't done with her repairs--but--they are getting close. Just a couple more hours and they should be completed.

Any other news the caretakers of the station might be privy to have not been shared with the suite's inhabitants.

Depending on close the rest of the gang is to the door, they may hear muffled voices immediately proceeding and succeeding said "knock." There are two voices to be precise: one male and one female.

Anyone inside the suite bored or observant enough could hear the rather familiar voices go from somewhat louder, normal tones to becoming decidedly hushed--but not quite whispered--by the time one of them interacts with the door's 'chime'. The walls' superior sound proofing makes it pretty much impossible to clearly hear anything said however.

But anyway, someone on the other side door wants to talk to someone or all in Arcee's suite, so let's move on from there . . .