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*Auspex is sitting on a rock, looking out over the landscape, musing deep musings as behind her pink rain comes sweeping across the area. The first thing she knows about it is being scooped up by her security guard and planted on the porch of the sanctuary.

Requiem: *slightly freaked, got the undeniable feeling that he had to get her away from the rain but has no idea why* ... I think I heard Primus 0_0

Auspex: *shoos him well inside before the rain comes*

Requiem: *shoos* I heard Primus

Hormah: *intently building a mosaic on the table she's sitting at* I's proud 'o ye, b'y.

Requiem: ...Did you hear what I said?

Hormah: Nope

Requiem: :/

Bob: *has found a sweepy thing and is sweeping. Pauses to watch the siblings as Requiem turns and gives Auspex a pleading look*

Requiem: What's wrong with the rain?

Auspex: *makes a face* It's a potent acid. If it seeps under your plating, it will do much damage to your circuitry. Fortunately, it doesn't come very often. It's been a quarter of a vorn since the last rain.

Requiem: 0_o ...And Blackout misses this place?

Hormah: *punches him in the aft without looking up from her mosaic*

Bob: *flinches but continues watching*

Auspex: *slow little smile of amusement* As I say, it is relatively rare, and there are many other things to be appreciated about Cybertron. Besides, I'm not sure how similar your people's home planet is to this one.

Hormah: *still not looking up* Right now? Not a slaggin' lot, b'y. Blackout's Cybertron's... empty.

Bob: *wibbles at the thought*

Auspex: *sighs softly, though she turns to the side to patpat Bob's shoulder* So I've heard. It's... difficult to imagine.

Hormah: I'd offer t' find ye holos... but t' time I was after lookin' I near barfed me tank up.

Requiem: :|

Bob: 0_0

Auspex: *hisses softly* ...I see.

Requiem: *walks to the door and looks out* Will it go away soon?

Bob: *... needs hugs* >_<

Auspex: *pats Bob's back comfortingly* It will take awhile.

Requiem: *restless* Is there somewhere else that we could go? ...I'd like to see more of Cybertron. *curiosity and a yearning to know something of his roots stirs in his spark*

Hormah: Ye've seen t' one ol' 'Warp's fr'm, b'y. *still intent on her work*

Tessera: *beetles in from the back hall and pauses to wave her feelers toward the door* *??:O*

Auspex: Not while it's raining, I'm afraid...

Acid rain, Tessera. You may have something similar on your own world.

Requiem: *rumbles and nods, then leans his shoulder against the wall and resumes standing guard*

Tessera: *babbles and heads for Auspex's foot, radiating wonder and a tiny bit of 'ick' along with her usual cheerfulness*

Hormah: *Looks up* Time fer me t' go, Auspex. Ye alright wit' lugnut, 're should I take 'im home alongside 'o me?

Auspex: Whichever he'd prefer. There's not likely to be anyone coming here for awhile, really. *she nods down at the chiproach; the usual sentiment of most of the people on the planet, yes*

Requiem: ...I don't want to abandon my post.

Hormah: .... *ups the gun and paintballs him*

Bob: *meeps and hides*

Tessera: *forgets the rain and is recording the pretty colours on Requiem's skidplate*

Auspex: *sighs, not without amusement* Hormah... I'm not letting him guard this place while he's dripping paint. *mostly because that seems rude to do, but yes, she likes the sanctuary to be presentable..*

Hormah: *cheeky whistle* I knows. C'mon, lugnut, let's be goin' t'see Blackout.

Requiem: .... *calls his sister a B word*

Hormah: *grins at him and then goes and hugs Bob good bye*

Bob: *looks at her sadly* Don't be mean, Hormah.

Hormah: .... *feels guilty and patpats him before turning to Auspex*

Tessera: *climbing mount Auspex*

Auspex: *just shakes her head, though her optics are brighter with amusement at the half-Mini-Con's antics. She aims a rueful glance Requiem-ward* It's all right, Requiem, we'll be fine. Go plot revenge on Hormah. *holds still as little chiproach feet tickle*

Requiem: *bows his head respectfully, then gives Bob a gentle sock on the shoulder before PINpointing out to set up an ambush*

Hormah: *cheeky grin for Auspex* I'll see ye later, b'y.

Tessera: *babbling away and then stops to taste-taste*

Auspex: Goodbye, Hormah. Don't paint the caves too many shades. *she smiles*

Hormah: *deedles laughter and gives her mentor a gentle glomp, then taps Tessera and steps back before PINing away*

Tessera: *whazzat? Whotap? HAPPY! babblebabbleclimb*

Bob: *remembers his broom and looks for it*

Primus: *fond chuckle*

Auspex: *Don't encourage her, my lord, is the amused answering thought*

Primus: *Hormah is Hormah, nothing will hold her down. Her joy is nearly like Tessera's*

Bob: *has gone to watch the rain* :/

Tessera: *found shoulder* Auspex!

Auspex: *protests that this does not mean she should paint her brother... she is distracted as Tessera pipes up; she scritches her fondly, looking over at Bob with some concern* Bob? It's all right. It's not much of a worry, if you stay inside.

Primus: *and yet she brought him home without belittling his honor by making him abandon his post. Because of the paint you dismissed him.*

Tessera: *happy happy lovelovelovelove Auspex!* ^_^

Bob: Hmmm? Oh, I was just thinking.

Auspex: *knows this... but it's the principle of the thing* ;p

Is it anything you need to talk about, or just musings?

Bob: *has 'grown up' with her ability to sense his feelings and so replies both nonverbally- with a wash of affection overlaid with slight melancholy- and verbally* Just thinking.

Primus: *more fond chuckling*

Tessera: *looking dowwwwwwwwwwwn* *Oooo neat*

Auspex: *is still concerned, but she simply nods quietly, before chuckling softly at the chiproach's antics*

Primus: *offers her gentle reassurance. Bob is only thinking. Then calls her attention to the beauty of Hormah's mosaic and reminds her of the disaster of Hormah trying to grout a mosaic. Soft suggestion of something to do?*

Auspex: *winces. Quite a chore, cleaning up that one... she acknowledges Primus' suggestion, sitting down to sift through some loose tiles thoughtfully. The design is lovely, but incomplete as all of Hormah's works. With Auspex's help it will become something very special*

*And so they wait out the rain*

((co-written with primus_seeress))