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TG 'verse. Various places. Family Time

"This is supposed to be frightening?" Red Alert looked at the chip he was holding between his thumb and forefinger.

"Gave Brawl the heebie jeebies," said Inferno, grinning.

"That... doesn't mean much, actually. Brawl's not as brave about some things as he'd like everyone to believe." The smaller brother looked up with a sudden grin as Sideswipe's excited voice echoed down the hall.

"Trust me. When he's that jittery, it'll be good." Inferno's grin widened as he gently poked Firestar and nodded toward Red Alert.

His spark-mate slapped his hand away, her optics dancing as she too watched her brother quicken his steps down the hospital hallway. Sideswipe came out to greet him, throwing her arms around him and chattering happily about how much Sunstreaker was looking forward to this and how much she'd been missing having movie nights.

Inferno's grin faded as he remembered the other femme who was now sister to his brother. He'd heard how badly damaged Sunstreaker was, and frankly the thought of seeing her gave him a worse case of the heebie jeebies than any zombie movie could. He hung back a little as he reached the door, but Firestar poked him aside and then ducked under his arm to stand and watch as Red Alert gently kissed Sunstreaker on the forehead before settling on the oversized berth beside her and pulling out his link wire.

"Hey... Red, what're you doing?" Inferno frowned.

"Letting her see it too." Red Alert gently plugged it into the port on Sunstreaker's wrist, then leaned back against the wall and nodded to the other side of the berth. "Have a seat."

"And countering my reaction." Sideswipe grinned from where she was putting the chip into the holo player. "I really get into movies."

"Yeah... I remember the times Spike brought us to the drive-in." Inferno looked at Sunstreaker and felt his spark contract with pity, then yelped softly as Firestar jabbed him in the side and settled herself next to the wounded femme.

"Heh." Sideswipe turned off the lights and then hurried over to sit on the other side of Red Alert and snuggle against his side. "Hurry up 'n sit down so we can start it!"

"Right." Inferno obeyed, relaxing as Firestar moved herself to his lap and laced her fingers through his. "Okay. I'm ready."

"Me too." Sideswipe hid her face against Red Alert with a slightly giddy chuckle. "Sunny says she's ready too."

"Lights," said the Security Director, grinning at the excitement and anticipation from all of his sisters and the interest and slight unease from his brother. "Camera... action!"

He clicked the remote and settled back as the screaming started.

* * *

Hound frowned as he peered through the binoculars, then relayed an order to the drones on the left flank and watched as they closed the pincher around the organic Meredronian drones.

"They're asking if we need reinforcements," reported Foxtrot from where she lay behind him, her antennae pointed toward the north and the main Transformer force.

"Nooope, don't think so." Her spark-mate ducked as a shell whistled overhead and detonated very closely. "You okay, Fox?"

"Fine," she said absently, switching her receivers back on. "Alright, if we don't need help they want to know if we can give a hand."

Hound watched for a few moments more, wincing as he watched the last of the alien drones fall, then turned to catch her grin and her sending of affection and feel cheered by them. "Yeah. Tell 'em we'll be over there in six clicks."

* * *

The sparklet sneezed CR fluid from her intakes as the medic handed her to her creators, then lit startled dark optics to look up at them.

"She got your eyes, Dancer." Jazz chuckled from where he stood on a bench at the back of the crowd of family who'd come to welcome little Songstar into the world.

His mate shook her head, bemused at how persistent her glitch was proving. "That's ten out of twenty five grandkids who've come out with it. Makes me wonder what Brightside and Clarion's little one would have looked like."

Jazz sobered and sighed, his optic band darkening at remembrance of the laughing daughter that he wouldn't see again until he crossed the veil. Then he pulled Dancer close and kissed her gently. "She'd'a ben beautiful, like 'er mama 'n gramma."

Dancer returned the kiss and then leaned against him, watching as Songstar snuggled wearily and tried hard to be sociable. It was plain who the little one was related to, that was Jazz's grin all over again on her tiny face. "Angel's our youngest, and Songstar's her second...."

"Wanna make another one?" Jazz grinned.

She stared at him, thinking of all the created and adopted youngsters who had filled their home over the vorns.

And then she nodded. "Yes. But let's give Star her time in the spotlight first."

He wriggled his browplates, then turned and lowered himself stiffly to the bench as their daughter and son in law brought the newspark over to meet them.

* * *

"She tried to experiment on me!" The dark jungle corridors echoed as Kickback flailed his arms.

"He ATE my cerebro shell!" Bombshell's answering ire was immeasurable.

Shrapnel looked back and forth between his build siblings, then turned and jumped over the side of the massive branch they stood on. "I'll be over on the other side of the planet. Let me know when you've got things worked out... out."

* * *

"Me, Grimlock like she Archiva's stories." The mechanical T-rex flopped down flat of his belly and looked at his friend hopefully, then grumbled and flailed slightly as Sludge stepped on his head on the way over him.

"Me, Sludge like stories too!" The long-neck bunted the green femme gently. "You tell us story?"

Archiva chuckled and hugged his muzzle, then moved over to where she could gently pat Grimlock. "Don't you think you should let Slag out of that trap first?"

"No, him still mad. We let him out when he get bored and go to sleep. But her Swoop and her Snarl here somewhere."

"Me Snarl right here. We girls got him Slag out."

"Oh oh." Grimlock's head went up and turned with alarm, and then he scrambled to his feet and bolted. "No fighting in house! House get broken!"

"Then get out of house!" Slag slammed into him as he got a few yards away from it.

Sludge watched thoughtfully, curling his tail around so that Archiva could sit on it. "Fight not as good as story, but still interesting."

* * *

"Hmmmm." Rumble groaned and grimaced, then grinned dopely. "That feels gooood."

Asia chuckled from where she sat on his back rubbing polish into his shoulders. "It's gonna look good too. Or as good as a rust bucket like you can look."

The little blue mech's grin went goofy. "I love yous too, babe." His voice dropped. "So bad it hurts."

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, then sat up and resumed her grooming, sneaking a look into the other room to where Rogue and Soundbite were sitting on the couch with a pile of toilet paper and a few chiproaches. "I love you too."

"Yeah, but you like the kids better," he teased, then squeaked as she poked him in a sensitive place.

"No. I love you the best, %#@$#@%$head. And don't you ever forget it!" she said, her voice low and intense.

Rumble hid his face against the tarp-covered floor, thinking of the time when he'd never hear that again, then shoved away that hopefully far off tomorrow and grinned again. "I know. Yous got taste."

* * *

"And note the breakdown of the mitochondrial DNA." Perceptor adjusted his eyepiece so that Kia too could focus on the bit of organic tissue on the slide. "I've never seen such damage in a living being. And to think that this could very well be a feature of the entire race.... Fascinating."

"We need more specimens," said his mate thoughtfully, her Jamaican lilt colouring her soft voice as she studied the deformed cells. Then she blinked as Perceptor shuddered. "What...?"

She realized that she'd been gently stroking his side as she'd been looking and laughed. "Oh. Sorry, love."

"Quite alright," he said stoically, glad that she was the only one who knew just how ticklish he was. "No harm and no foul."

She kissed him on the eyepiece, then walked over to look at the three dimensional tissue diagram that was on the main screen. "I can't even begin to think of a solution for this."

"Nor I." Perceptor transformed and moved over to put his arms around her, resting his face against her helm as he frowned at the diagram. "If it is something that afflicts the entire race...."

"How have they managed to continue this long?" finished Kia, her expression full of concern.

"Indeed." Preceptor frowned and held her close, his mind working furiously.

* * *

Astrotrain stood leaning against one of the pillars by the door that lead to Threnody's garden, his optics focused on the changing lights of Galvatron's fountain as he pretended not to see what his lady was doing. Beside him Scourge idly examined her claws, a smirk on her face.

He growled at her warningly.

This made her smirk grow, and she looked up at him from under the rim of her helm, serene in the face of his scowl, then struck faster than a cobra.

"Stop that." Threnody didn't look up from the human novel that she was reading as the soft screech of claws on armor echoed through the courtyard.

"Yes, my lady." Scourge sobered and looked at her, checking to be sure that all was well with her, then once more turned her attention to Astrotrain and smirked as she ran over the list of things that Threnody hadn't yet told her not to do to him.

He tensed very slightly, and she grunted softly as his foot came down on hers and flattened it a bit, then dug a claw between two parts of his armor.

His faceplate screwed up with pain as his hand closed around her wrist. //Slagging she-slaarg.//

"Stop that, too."

"Yes, my lady," they chorused, both folding their arms over their chests and looking anywhere but at each other or at their lady. If either of them had looked at Threnody they would have seen the content smile on her face.

* * *

Rodimus grinned as he woke on a couch in the darkness of his living room, then carefully shifted until he could lift Panacea and Oriana 2 and bring them to their recharge berths, pausing to look over to the other couch where Oriana smiled in her recharge as she snuggled Windstripe and curled against Blazer's side.

His grin widened as he heard Ironhide talking softly to Starforge after some nightmare.

"Gotta love the family time."

"Hmmm?" said Panacea, half waking.

"Nothing, babe. Go back to sleep." He gently carried them from the room.