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Nexus. Hormah's sanctuary. More prep.

Bob: *sitting at the table and reading from a datapad as he absently eats some energon brownies from the plate in front of him. There are two empty plates stacked neatly to the side, and at Rattrap's usual place is one which holds a slab of smoked dinochicken ham complete with crackling skin, two eggs, and a stack of toaster waffles with butter oozing off them. Chokecherry syrup stands next to the plate, as does a mug of coffee.*

Spazz: *laying in the sun with her head on the purring Ravage's side as she reads a paper book, 'Revenge of the Fallen'*

Ravage: *purred unconscious*

Dinobaby: *in the bedroom, sitting on the bed and growling softly as he gnaws on some part of Rattrap*

Rattrap: *thanks Primus that he's not a tactile, or he'd have to kill Dinobaby* Brat... what is it wit'chu an' tails? *groans, slowly uncurling and stretching out*

Dinobaby: *little smirk* Hmm. Pasgetti.

Rattrap: *rolls his eyes and pushes himself up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. He brings his tail around and grabs for the chibi, trying not to smile* So yer hungy, is dat all? Ya need me ta go wit'cha t'get breakfast?

Dinobaby: I had breakfast, and came back. *grin, and sure enough there are bits of cookie on his face*

Rattrap: *wipes away the crumbs absently* Oh, dis my wake-up call den?

Dinobaby: Your breakfast is colding.... *frown* Getting cold. *and Bob won't let him eat any*

Rattrap: Ehn, I got stuff I wanna get done anyway. *picks up the chibi and goes to the main room* Yer gonna be good fer Ravage, right, brat?

Bob: *looks around with a smile* Good morning, Rattrap. Nemesis sent you some organic food.

Dinobaby: *just looks impatiently toward the table*

Rattrap: Mornin' Bob. Tell 'er I love 'er if ya see 'er again. *sits down at the table and grabs an empty plate, piling the eggs and waffles onto it* Meat's all yers, kid. *winks at Dinobaby, then grabs the coffee and takes a sip*

Dinobaby: *goes to town!*

Bob: You don't like meat? *slight headtilt*

Rattrap: *shrugs* So far, dere ain't really anythin' I don't like. S'jus' dat I know Dinobot likes it more. *sips his coffee and smothers his waffles with syrup before he takes a bite* Besides, eggs're meat. Sorta.

Dinobaby: *pauses and brings some of that lovely crispy rind over to his friend and imperiously pokes it at his mouth*

Bob: *hiding his smile at that*

Rattrap: *smirks and opens his mouth, taking the rind from the chibi's hands with his teeth*

Dinobaby: *goes to get more and bring it back, little face intent*

Rattrap: You done wit' it?

Dinobaby: The crispy is too hard for my teeth.

Rattrap: I'll remind ya ya said dat when ya finally chew t'rough my tail. *smiles, but takes the rind and crunches away at it*

Dinobaby: *growls at him and goes to eat a few more bites of ham, but then he's distracted by the bots in the sunbeam and takes a jump off the table, lands on his head and blinks for a bit, and goes to get up and go see them*

Bob: *knocks his chair over as he jumps up to help the chibi*

Rattrap: He's fine, Bob. *shovels eggs into his mouth* Kid's tougher den mos' sparklets.

Bob: *settles shakily back, then picks up the chair and sits on it* I've only ever met one sparklet, and she was a very sturdy little thing for the short time that she was small. *looks to see where his datapad went when he inadvertently tossed it*

Dinobaby: *pulls at Spazz's book and looks over the top of it* What isss this?

Spazz: Somebody wrote down what happens in a lot of the realities with tech like mine, and called it fiction. I'm doing my homework.

Rattrap: Yeah, well, dis one's Dinobot. *finishes off his breakfast and slides away from the table. He plucks Dinobaby off of Spazz and kisses his cheek, giving him a big squeeze* Be good, brat, an' I'll bring ya home somethin' cool.

Dinobaby: *wriggles and pushes his face away, intent on Spazz's book* Your breath stinks, Vermin.

Spazz: *just watching them with a quiet grin*

Rattrap: *rolls his eyes* Says th' brontosaurus who jus' ate a pound a' meat on 'is own. *gives him one last smooch, then sets the chibi back down on Spazz* I'll be back tanight in time fer dinner, I think. Shoul'nt take too long.

Dinobaby: I didn't eat it all. :p

Spazz: Okay. *catches the little guy and holds him as he wriggles and growls*

Rattrap: Ate most of it. *snickers and fiddles with the PINpoint, then vanishes as he teleports away*

That evening

Spazz: *bent down with her hands on her knees as she winces from too much playful chibi chasing*

Dinobaby: *comes back and leans against her leg, looking up with a worried frown*

Ravage: *watching them from where he finally had to retire to the roof*

Spazz: Slag. Rattrap's gonna be #@$@#$@ at me again.

Dinobaby: Thrrrpt

Rattrap: *appears in the main room with a poof, carrying a brown bag in one arm. Although his PINpoint has been embedded in his chest and painted to match, nothing looks different about him* Honey, I'm home!

Bob: *gives him a funny look from where the Seeker's sitting on a bench near the door. Other than Bob the main room's empty.*

Rattrap: *blinks and looks around* ....Did I go t'th' right coordinates?

Bob: *shy head duck* The others are outside playing. I was just confused by what you said.

Rattrap: Ehn, jus' somethin' I heard on a 'uman video. *shrugs* Who knows what it means, exactly. *puts the bag on the table and starts pulling out various food items, like bread, cheese, and peanut butter*

Dinobaby: *comes crawling in* Bob, Spazz broken. *pauses when he sees Rattrap* Slag....

Bob: *on his feet and heading out*

Rattrap: Slag? What'd you do to 'er? *eyes Dinobaby, putting the food away in the cupboard for the moment*

Dinobaby: We played. >:\

Spazz: *from outside* No! I don't need picked up. I'm not a chibi!

Rattrap: *snerks* Oh, fried 'er circuits, did ya? Well, th' big you did dat last night too, I think, so I'll fergive ya dis time. C'mere.

Dinobaby: Not mad at Spazz? *frowny*

Rattrap: Nope! Talked to th' big you last night 'bout some things, an' I started thinking dat I was lookin' at dis mission th' wrong way. S'why I went out taday. *smiles and waves the chibi closer, one arm in his bag* Now c'mere an' get'cher present.

Dinobot: *scoots over, his little leg guards making a soft scraping sound on the floor*

Spazz: *backs inside under her own power, eyeing the worried Bob warily*

Bob: *very concerned, but he won't try to pick her up if she doesn't want him to*

Rattrap: *pulls out what is in his hands a small bronze sword of Cybertronian design, the edges of the blade tinted a deep blue. He kneels down and holds it out to the chibi, hilt first* Dis was used by a Gladiator named Wrecker back when I was younger. Useta bet all I had on 'im, an' even though he didn't always win, he always fought wit' honor.

Dinobaby: *pounces and rolls over, studying the little sword happily*

Spazz: *sees Rattrap and tries to straighten up from her slightly pained slouch. Does, however, manage that easy going grin*

Rattrap: *smiles and leaves the chibi to the sword, straightening up* At ease, kid. I ain't gonna yell at ya.

Spazz: *relaxes and winces* I was having fun.

Bob: *steps around her to go back to the bench and his datapad*

Rattrap: Sounds like it. *smirks, leaning back against the cupboard with his arms crossed over his chest* Yer specialized fer hackin', ain'cha?

Spazz: Kind of. Lord Frenzy gave me some of his files when he realized I wasn't going to be able to go out and patrol and forge with the others.

Rattrap: Well, thing is, I ain't. I got spy trainin', yeah, but most a' it's in covert movement an' thievin'. I went inta dis mission thinkin' dat I was gonna be th' one doin' all th' research an' diggin', an' dat you were my back up. Think I was wrong 'bout dat.

Spazz: *goes 0.o, and then turns and tries to get up on her chair, which is rather high for a small bot like her. She winds up stuck as her tired joints refuse to bend properly and pull her up* *clicks and pops in an impressive arsenal of colorful words*

Rattrap: *snerks* Need help?

Spazz: *remembers what he's said about help before* Um... I'm stuck.

Rattrap: *pulls a small device from his bag and saunters over* Here. Boxcutta' said dis would help relax frozen circuits. *he places the device against her shoulder and pulls a few wires from it, hooking it up to her body. Once he was done, he pushed a switch on the side, and soothing energy flowed into her circuits*

Spazz: *head bows against the seat of the chair as she sighs with relief*

Dinobaby: *in the background, talking to his sword as he sees if he can't push it through the door of the cupboard*

Rattrap: *gives her shoulder a squeeze and shouts over his own* Y'betta' not be tryin' ta break anythin' wit' dat sword, Bronto-brat! Dat thing's prolly olda' den you!

Dinobaby: *ignores him totally*

Spazz: *gives him a surprised look, but then decides to just sit on the floor. Does so, looking up at Rattrap*

Rattrap: *scowls* He's gonna break somethin'. Maybe th' sword was a bad idea....

Spazz: *glances over there* He's trying to do what big Dinobot did.

Rattrap: He's gonna do it, too... *sighs, shaking his head* I'll get a new cupboard door tomorra' or somethin'. *stands up and falls onto his chair, rubbing the bridge of his nose* I need coffee.

Spazz: *gets up and limps over to the cupboard, where she argues quietly with Dinobaby for a moment before gently pushing him away and opening the door he'd been sitting by. Down comes a little can, and she presses a button on the bottom of it before coming back and offering it. The side of the can says 'Java Joe'*

Dinobaby: *suddenly scoots off down the hall, dragging his sword*

Rattrap: Thanks... *takes the can and knocks it back, draining it all in one gulp. When he finishes, he sets the can on the table and leans back* So, as I was sayin'... I don't think yer really th' back up here. I think I am.

Spazz: *tries her own chair again and manages this time, then curls her arms and legs close and looks at him thoughtfully* Liedherz said we'd compliment each other.

Rattrap: Sure, we're both sneaks. I cin do almost anythin', 'least wit' a bit a' time ta think an' go ova' my options. But yer specialized, an' dere's somethin' ta dat. Plus, I'm a fighta'. *grins, holding out his arm and flicking his wrist. A thin, sharp blade pops out of the joint*

Spazz: *soft click as she leans over to scan it more closely. Then gives him the exact molecular composition* Cool.

Rattrap: Got more a' dem hidden all ova'. *smirks, the blade sliding back into its hidden sheath* Had 'em an' a few hidden compartments installed taday. Stocked up on explosives an' ammo. Dat sorta thing. I got a tendency ta ova' prepare. *winks*

Spazz: I read that book. *nods to where 'Revenge of the Fallen' is laying on the table with a splotch of syrup on its cover* And asked Liedherz how the reality where we're going differs from it. *eyes the book* It's a lot different from where I came from. Um... oh yeah, that reminds me of something else I should tell you.

Rattrap: Oh yeah?

Spazz: I stink at reading.

Rattrap: *laughs, shaking his head slowly* Y'd have neva' made it on th' Axalon, Spazz.

Spazz: *quirks a grin* Hey, where I come from just talking makes me a genius.

Rattrap: S'not dat. *grins* S'jus', ya woulda been bored outta yer CPU. Sometimes, I think Dinobot got bored, an' he would go out on patrol in th' rain jus' ta be doin' somethin' otha' den sit 'round an' wait.

Spazz: *blinks, surprised* Oh. Um. That's where you lived? And it was boring? *had automatically thought it was a crack at her lack of ability... Sewercons are used to that sort of thing*

Rattrap: Was th' place I lived before.... *shrugs, waving his hand dismissively* It was an exploration ship crashed on prehistoric Earth. Wasn't borin' at th' end, but it certainly was at firs'. Dere were always days where th' world seemed ta be crashin' down 'round us, sure, but mos' days were quiet. Useta fight wit' Dinobot jus' fer some excitement.

Spazz: Ohh. *slight grin again, though her optics are wistful* My siblings used to fight. Sometimes they got so bad that Lord Frenzy had to leave his throne and Lady Blurr and kick them apart before they scrapped each other.

Rattrap: *flashes a wry smile* Sounds like me an' Dinobot on a good day.

Spazz: Your guys aren't there anymore?

Rattrap: *looks down at the table, his smile faltering and fading away entirely* Nah. Ain't nothin' left a' those times but mem'ries.

Spazz: Where do you live now?

Rattrap: *shrugs* Here. Th' Nexus. Anywhere I cin crash widdout feelin' like I gotta watch my back.

Spazz: *quietly, looking down* So you can't go back either.

Bob: *going to see why Dinobaby is being so quiet*

Rattrap: Don' wanna go back. Ain't no place fer me, dere. Ain't really had a place since... *trails off, glancing after Bob*

Spazz: So you can? *confused look as she impatiently swipes at her optics*

Bob: *comes back, smiling softly*

Rattrap: Dere's a sewer pipe in th' Nexus dat leads home. *looks up at Bob* Is he asleep?

Bob: *nods and then slips outside to see what he can see*

Rattrap: *nods and rubs a hand over his eyes, slumping in the chair* I think 'bout goin' back ev'ry day, yanno. I should. Shoul'nt leave things th' way dey are. But what if it all gets put back? What if ev'ry thing gets fixed, an' we cin go back ta our lives? Ain't nothin' fer me, dere. Ain't nothin' like th' brat curled up on my bed, clutchin' an antique sword, sleepin' widdout a care inna world.

Spazz: But if your... friends? Siblings? Team? Need you.... *doesn't realize just how sad she looks*

Rattrap: Dey don't.

Spazz: *quietly* Oh. But you're strong... and smart.

Rattrap: Funny how fast people ferget dat. *smiles bitterly, looking up at her. There's something dark in those eyes, something dangerous*

Spazz: *meets his gaze without flinching* I don't think anybody here's gonna forget.

Rattrap: Yeah? *smirks, tilting his head back and snorting* We'll see 'bout dat.

Spazz: Hey, they thought a crippled up lump could be useful. Like I say. You're strong.

Ravage: *wanders in wearily, purring*

Rattrap: Ravage knows all 'bout dat, don'cha, pussy cat?

Ravage: *looks up and perks his ears* What do I know about, mouse?

Rattrap: *winks at him* Jus' how strong I cin be.

Ravage: *chuckles and turns his head toward the hallway and the bedrooms* Ah. Da, you are strong.

Rattrap: An' I still wanna crack at dem 'borg things.

Ravage: *walks off, tail waving* Also insane.

Rattrap: *snickers* Aww, wit' Dinobot watchin' my back, I ain't got nothin' ta worry 'bout.

Ravage: *just meanders into an empty room*

Spazz: *makes a note of the room, that's where she'll be tonight after everyone else has gone to lay down and recharge*

Bob: *back inside and closing the front door, then nods to the two at the table and heads down the hall himself*

Rattrap: Should prolly head ta bed... *looks down the hall, one hand absently toying with the PINpoint. He liked having it embedded on his chest like that. It reminded him of the radio his transmetal II form had*

Spazz: I'll see you tomorrow. Do you want your thing back? *uncurls a bit to reach for the book again* And is there anything else you want me to look up?

Rattrap: Naw, leave it. It's rigged ta go off wheneva' yer circuits start actin' up.

Spazz: *surprised* Oh. Okay. ...Thanks. *thinks that's the right word*

Rattrap: *waves his hand dismissively* Can't have ya actin' up while we're on th' mission, right? S'only practical.

Spazz: Yeah. *startles as a slightly curving shield of chitinous armor a couple foot across suddenly appears in the middle of the floor, a cheap free Pinpoint stuck to it with adhesive* Whoa!

Rattrap: *blinks, sitting up a little straight* What th' Pit...?

Spazz: There's something wrote on it. But it's not English. *up on her knees, peering over the back of her chair*

Rattrap: *humphs and holds out his arm, a hidden blade flying from his wrist towards the armor-thing*

Spazz: Well... you nicked it.

Rattrap: Hey, neva' approach somethin' if ya don't know what it is, or what it does. *rubs his wrist, scowling down at it* Gonna need ta do some sparrin'...

Spazz: Tomorrow? There are traces of Dinobot on that thing.

Rattrap: 'Nother present from th' eva' articulate clone, den? *slides out of his chair and makes his way over to it, nudging it with a foot* Wish he would jus'... *lets out a small, frustrated sound and shakes his head*

Spazz: *down off her own chair, her book in her hand* Just what?

Rattrap: Talk ta me.

Spazz: About what? *walks around the shield, frowning at the writing* What does it say?

Rattrap: Says it's a bed, an' it's from Dinobot. Y'd think he'd know dat th' brat sleeps wit' me. *picks up the chibibed anyway, ignoring the first question, and starts to walk towards his room*

Spazz: Is it because you're an old guy that I have to answer your questions but you get to pretend some of mine didn't happen?

Rattrap: *turns his head and sticks his tongue out at her over his shoulder* Dere're some advantages ta bein' old, yanno.

Spazz: *skeptical look at his expression, but then she shrugs and turns to go back to the table* Whatever.

Rattrap: *smirks and slides into his room, tossing the bed into a corner before he crawls into his own. He scoops up the chibi sleeping there, sword and all, and snuggles him tight. There wasn't anything in the multiverse that could make him give moments like these up*

Dinobaby: *leaks oil on him*

Rattrap: *groans. Okay, maybe that would*

((Co-written with slaggin_preds))