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Mack the friendly merchant: *comes in and looks around, grinning* Hey, is Chagrin Thunderspark here?

Chagrin: *looks up with a worried sulk* Yah, I'm here.

Mack: *grins* I hear you're in the market for a home for your wife and kids.

entings: *look up from playing with Daddy's boots while they're on his feets*

Chagrin: *had forgotten about that worrying about Randomly* ...Oh. Yes, I am.

Mack: *grin gets happier* I have something that might interest you.

Chagrin: Oh? *thinks he might as well look, he can't go out and look for Randomly anymore today.*

Mack: *nods and then looks curiously at the little purple ball sitting by Chagrin on the bench, which just puffed up and gave a piercing squeak*

Mushi: *after nap grumpiness is GO*

Chagrin: *o.o* Shhh, shhhh, Mushi...

Mack: *tentative understanding dawns* Is that one of the kids?

Chagrin: Yes, he is

Mack: *digs in a pocket and comes up with a shiny penny and a piece of dried apple* Will these help? *comes over, holding out the prizes*

Chagrin: *shows them to Mushi*

Mushi: *DO NOT WANT*

entings: *curious babies are curious*

Mack: *looks non plussed, but then offers the pretties to the happy babies*

entings: *joyful squeaks!*

Chagrin: *manages a small smile at that*

Mack: *pulls his pack around and looks in, then pulls out a soft blanket made from the combed out wool of a young goat* Try this.

Chagrin: *tries it*

Mushi: *squeak squeak SQU... Who turned the lights off? Hey... this is sooofftt and nice...* *purrrrcooooo*

Chagrin: *has to chuckle at that*

Mack: *grin is back* There you go.

Chagrin: So...you were talking about a house of sorts?

Stoic: *comes in*

Chagrin: *looks over, then slumps as his brother shakes his head*

Mack: *watches the brother interaction, and then chuckles and nods as one of the entings holds up the piece of dried apple to show it to him* Yup. A nice, sturdy, portable one.

Mushi: *contented nomming on edge of blanket with little noteefs mouth*

Chagrin: *looks interested*

Mack: I've got it pushed over into the corner of the tavern's front yard. Want to come have a look?

Chagrin: I would.

Mack: *grins and moves to lead the way out, only to pause and look down at the entings as they move to follow* Isn't it kinda cold out for you guys?

Anna: *looks over* For ents?

Chagrin: They manage for short periods.

entings: *looking back and forth, but then they see Uncle Stoic! Over they go to show him their loot, the ribbons on their baby dresses fluttering in the draft from the tavern door*

Stoic: *slight smile for them. Will give them hugs*

entings: *happy with uncle now, have forgotten about going outside*

Mushi: *cuddling and blankie nomming as he makes soft purrcoos*

Chagrin: *small smile at that*

Mack: Oh. Well, there we go. You ready?

Chagrin: Yes

Mack: *leads the way into the chilly night and across the yard to a corner of the wall, where what looks like a blockhouse of squared logs is sitting on a big log sledge. The blockhouse is reinforced at the corners with iron bands, and is made from some exotic wood that gives a faint scent even on this winter night. It's about ten foot by ten square*

Chagrin: Hmmm...*sniffs* ...that's interesting.

Mack: They call it algum wood. It's fireproof. *steps up onto the sledge and presses a medallion into a metal indentation on the heavy door. The sound of something mechanical moving and clicking follows*

Chagrin: ...Good for when the brother-in-law visits. *slight smirk, then slight frown*

Mack: *looks up from pressing some keys on the panel that just popped out* Hmm?

Chagrin: He's a Dragonsoul. Though he doesn't sneeze flame anymore... at least on accident.

Mack: Oh wow. Haven't heard of one of those in awhile. *opens the door and bows Chagrin inside*

Chagrin: *goes inside*

house: *slightly dusty and musty inside. A tattered curtain with a faded flower pattern stenciled onto it hangs over a tiny window in the back wall, and two sets of bunk beds line the side walls. Everything is very bare and utilitarian*

Chagrin: *thinks it needs work, but then, he'd think that of any place he looked at.*

Mack: *shuts the door and drops a bar across it, then walks over to the back wall* What do you think?

Chagrin: Not bad.

Mack: *chuckles and then presses the medallion to a spot on the wall just under the window. The whirs and clicks start up again as the outline of a door becomes visible. But that wall of the house is only three foot away from the wall of the tavern yard*

Chagrin: *raises an eyebrow at that, doing a rather good impression of his brother*

Mack: *pulls down the panel he'd pressed the medal into, and then once more presses keys* This is the good part. No one will ever suspect this is here unless you show them.

Chagrin: Hmmm...

Mack: *opens door wide... and shows off the massive, glittering front hall of an Eastern style palace*

Chagrin: *eyes go WIDE*

Mack: *massive grin* You like?

Chagrin: I...I'm impressed.

Mack: Wait till you see the rest. *waves him through the door*

Chagrin: *enters the door*

hall: *has a vaulted ceiling with a huge crystal light fixture hanging at the center of the dome. The floor is a mosaic of precious stones and shell, and the windows on the side walls are huge and made from intricately set stained glass*

Chagrin: This looks like something Honeyfuggle would have liked...

Mack: Well, you could always invite him to stay over, if you don't mind inlaws.

Chagrin: For a visit, at least...

Mack: *grins* You want to see the rest? Twenty seven bedrooms, and each one's got its own walk through closet and sitting room. And then there are all the salons and drawing rooms and I don't know what you call 'em rooms.

Chagrin: ...How much?

Mack: Four thousand gold. *yes, it's a fair price for the block house*

Chagrin: *whistles at that*

Mack: *grins* There are servants too.

Chagrin: ...The place comes with servants?

Mack: *nods* You can't see them, but they obey anyone with one of these. *holds up the medallion*

Chagrin: Spirits?

Mack: Genie.

Chagrin: Oh... *thinks that kinda explains the big area in the small container deal...*

Mack: And as far as I've been able to see, they're not slaves. ...At least I've never been able to set them free.

Mushi: *squeaks! And then goes o.0 at the echoes*

Chagrin: Willing servants, then?

Mack: They must be. I've even wished for them to be able to do anything they wanted. *sheepish* And wound up all dressed like a sultan and sitting at a feast big enough to feed an army.

Chagrin: *has to laugh at that*

Mack: *blushes, and then startles as a strip of baked dough appears in mid air as though someone's offering it to Chagrin for the squeaker*

Chagrin: *takes it gingerly, then shows it to Mushi*

Mushi: *gives it a dirty look, but then tastes it* *quiet purrcoos resume*

servant: *speaks from seeming empty air* I think it will not hurt him, master. He is a mushroom person, yes?

Chagrin: Yes, he is.

servant: Then the pastry should be healthful. I am going now.

Mack: *embarrassed throat clearing* I asked them to say that so I didn't end up talkin' to myself.

Chagrin: *nods*

Mack: *looks at the young Death Knight to see what he'd like to do next. Takes a tentative step toward the big double doors at the back of the hall* You wanna see the front hall? This' the foyer.

Chagrin: Foyer...

Mack: Yeah, the hall looks a lot like it, only with more doors, and the main stairs.

Chagrin: ...Wow. *thinks Heartstone would like this. Also thinks she may forget a few times where she'd put things here...*

Mack: *points to the wide marble staircase in the next room that splits at the top and goes to east and west*

Chagrin: *nodding* I think I like this.

Mack: Great! ^_^ Let me grab my stuff while you get the gold.

Chagrin: *nods, and turns to go get the gold*

Ironhide: *gives him an apologetic look as she sees him come out of the block house* Ah couldn' fahnd anehthin', Chagrin. Ah'm sorreh.

Chagrin: *just nods* Thank you anyway...I'm..I'm sure she'll turn up sooner or later.

Ironhide: *sighs and squeezes his shoulder, then goes inside to get her babies from Raoul*

entings: *cuddling Stoic's legs when Chagrin comes back into the tavern*

Stoic: *can handle ent cuddlings*

Chagrin: *going to get some of his gold*

Mushi: *totally enjoying his pastry. It'll take him awhile to get a piece off it, but he's enjoying the attempt*

Chagrin: *has his gold now*

Heartstone: *coming in just as he comes out of the back room, her expression exhausted and dejected*

Chagrin: *goes over to hug her*

Heartstone: *rests her head against his chest* *quietly* I couldn't find any sign of her. Not even with her... fuzzy pet thing... along.

lynx: *no comment*

Chagrin: I..couldn't either. But...I think we've got a house.

Heartstone: *slight perk* Oh wait. A real house?

Chagrin: Well, a blockhouse. *small smile*

Heartstone: *can't remember what that is, but smiles back* Where is it?

entings: *have snuck over and are hiding under Mama's cloak again*

Chagrin: Out front, right now. I was just about to pay for it.

Heartstone: Ohhh. May I come with you?

Chagrin: Of course.

Mushi: *goes to Mama while still nomming his pastry, and gets cuddled*

Heartstone: *makes sure her babies are all covered by her cloak, then smiles at Chagrin to let him know she's ready*

Chagrin: *leads her out*

Heartstone: *looks around and then notices the blockhouse and studies it* Is that it?

Chagrin: Yes, it is. You think 4,000 gold is a good deal? *not that he can't make that back on a BAD day of adventuring now*

Heartstone: *slight blush* I don't think I know anything about what block houses are worth.

Chagrin: *chuckles at that*

Mack: *comes out, his packs loaded and dangling from his hands. Plunks them down on the ground and grins at the young couple*

Chagrin: *grins, then is curious* Why are you selling this place, anyway?

Mack: *chuckle* It's too big, and it's too hard to pull around from place to place. I like just traveling with my mules and dogs.

Chagrin: *nods lightly, then hands over the gold*

Mack: *takes it and puts it into his belt, then grins and salutes with a finger to his forehead before heading into the tavern with his stuff*

Heartstone: *watches him go, and then looks at the four medallions that he handed to her husband*

entings: *up on the sledge and going inside!* *squeak squeak!*

Chagrin: They're the keys. *leads Heartstone inside*

Heartstone: *looks at the inside of the door as she pulls it closed, then pauses after dropping the bar into place* Oh, there's a piece of parchment on this panel that just fell down on the door.

Chagrin: *picks it up and looks at it*

paper: *has the code for the keyboard. Which is the secondary key system for the mechanical locks*

Chagrin: Ah. *will go and open the second door now*

Heartstone: *poking at one of the bunks as the entings putter around her* Is it something important?

Chagrin: It's the code for the secondary key system...

Heartstone: Ohhh. *then blinks and looks over as she hears the lock on the second door opening* :o

Chagrin: *grins at that* Want to see the rest of the house?

Heartstone: *slowly* Rest... of the house? But... this is all the... *looks through that door and gapes*

Chagrin: *smiles at that*

Heartstone: ...I don't understand.

Chagrin: I'm not sure that I do, either, but if Honeyfuggle can have a room that speeds time, we can have one that defies physics.

Heartstone: *follows the happy entings through the door, and then looks up, her eyes widening even more*

Chagrin: *grinning now* You think you'd mind if Stoic stayed with us?

Heartstone: With this much room? *turning a slow and wondering circle*

entings: *like the floor! Like like the floor!*

Chagrin: This is the foyer.

Heartstone: And it's warm... *stops short and stares up at husband*

Chagrin: *smiles*

Heartstone: *slowly, wondering if she's forgotten what that word really means* Foyer?

Chagrin: *will show her the main hall now*

Heartstone: *just staring* *quietly* Stairs?

Chagrin: They go to the bedrooms.

Heartstone: I... I've never seen anything like this. I know I haven't. I can remember things I've seen.

Chagrin: I've not seen anything like it either. *pauses* ...You like?

Heartstone: *bewildered look and then a nod* This is bigger than Father's house was, and it was one of the greatest in the land.

Chagrin: *grins at that* I'm glad you like it.

Heartstone: Where do we sleep?

servant: I'm right here, master. Would you like me to show you somewhere to sleep?

Heartstone: *jumps*

Chagrin: Yes, thank you. *then to Heartstone* Genie. The house comes with servants.

Heartstone: *big eyes are truly enormous now as she follows her husband*

servant: *light touch on Chagrin's sleeve, and then a sound of footsteps that leads up the wide marble stairs and straight forward to a huge and airy room that overlooks an indoor garden planted on the floor below it. Through the wide hole in the floor may be seen beautiful flowers and trees, and a musical fountain full of dreamy-finned fish*

entings: *find the little private staircase and go down there to see that garden! It looks like there are servants helping them down the stairs*

Chagrin: This...is nice.

Heartstone: ...Where's the bed?

servant: *leads them around the opening in the floor, which is elegantly railed, and over to a wide shallow pit in the floor which is lined with quilted silk and piled with soft cushions* Here it is, mistress.

Chagrin: This is...interesting.

Heartstone: *gently sets Mushi in the bed, but then looks at herself with dismay* Oh, I still stink.

Chagrin: Is there a place to bathe?

servant: Yes, there is. Would you like me to show it to you?

Chagrin: We would, please.

servant: Shall we lay out sleeping robes for you?

Chagrin: ...Sleeping robes? Ah, sure.

servant: Follow me. *sound of footsteps leading toward an arched door in the curving wall*

Heartstone: *unsure about leaving Mushi, but the mushroom baby is sleeping again and making little happy sounds*

Chagrin: He should be safe. *will follow the footsteps*

Heartstone: *nods* And he doesn't usually wake up at night. *last glance, and then hurries after her husband, only to stop and look around the warm and steamy room on the other side of the door. Richly tiled, it contains a massive pool of warm water and a pile of thick soft towels* 0_0

Chagrin: *whistles again*

Heartstone: *speechless*

servant: *brings over a basket for their adventure dirty garments as a second brings over a tray of fragrant bath oils and powders*

Chagrin: Randomly would probably cannonball right in the middle of that... *then he gets a frown going again*

servant with the tray: Master?

Heartstone: *softly* Randomly is Chagrin's sister. We can't find her.

Chagrin: She was fighting in the Planar Crossroads... Heard a random portal opened up under her..

servant: *sounds helpless* We can't leave this place to look for her.

Chagrin: That.. That's okay. She's... Randomly. She'll... she'll return...

servant: We will pray.

servant 2: Yes. Do you want me to take your dirty garments now?

Heartstone: *hugs husband*

Chagrin: *hugs wife* ...Yes, yes. Thank you.

servants: *will now help their new masters out of their clothes, if they're allowed*

Chagrin: *allows it*

Heartstone: *does too, and then looks at herself and looks around before realizing that the pool is the tub. Slips in with a soft squeak of shock as the last of the mountain winter chill is driven from her bones by the steaming water*

Chagrin: *joins her in the pool, sighing happily*

Heartstone: *doesn't know what the powders and oils on the tray are for, but she knows that this big rough sponge is something to wash with. Is soon scrubbing Chagrin's back*

Chagrin: o.o ^.^ *enjoying this*

Heartstone: *scrubs husband as she scrubs dishes and floors- carefully and thoroughly. Then splashes water on him to rinse him off*

Chagrin: *sighs happily, will now return the favor*

Heartstone: *in danger of falling asleep in the tub*

servant: You don't want any hair cleansing oil?

Chagrin: Is that what that does? *takes some*

servant: Yes. You rub it in and then rinse it out.

Heartstone: *perk*

Chagrin: *will do that for Heartstone*

Heartstone: *sigh* Thank you.

Chagrin: Anything for you, Heartstone.

Heartstone: *blushes, and then ducks herself under the water when it's time to rinse*

Chagrin: *will help*

Heartstone: *back up and runs her fingers through her hair. Surprised and pleased to find no tangles*

Chagrin: *grins, then yelps in surprise as smoke and light appears above them, and ...something? ..splashes into the pool*

servants: *dismayed shouts*

Heartstone: *bails out!*

Chagrin: *does as well, hovering close to Heartstone to protect her*

Something: *splashes and yelps and then manages to climb out*

Heartstone: *eyes widen more and then she's flailing and trying to remember the name of her sister in law as she points at her and looks at Chagrin*

Chagrin: ...Randomly?!

Randomly: *has turned suddenly, chimes at the ready and a Pitch Black Cave Lynx appearing at her side in a flash of portal energy* .... *pauses, but still looks wary, even though she doesn't think she'll be attacked.* Chagrin? *does not recognize the place, doubts this is her Chagrin....or her Heartstone.*

Heartstone: I looked all over for you!

Randomly: Heartstone? *is shaking now as the lynx vanishes in that same portal energy* No..no. Can't me mine. *the place is certainly confusing her*

Heartstone: *tries to think of what to say, only to startle and shriek softly as one of the entings beetles in and hugs her leg*

Randomly: *put her chimes away, and moves closer, hands faintly glowing* ...can it be?

Heartstone: We all looked all over. The captain was still looking, I think.*hand on the enting's little head as he snuggles*

Randomly: I..I...*eyes go wide as the glow flickers* ....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *GLOMPACHAGRIN!*

Chagrin: *is glomped!*

Heartstone: Oh be careful! He hasn't got any clothes on!

Randomly: I'mhomeI'mhomeI'mhomeI'mhomeI'mhomeI'mhomeI'mhomeI'mhome...

servant: Master, do you need help? *is holding a white silk sleeping robe*

Chagrin: *Is hugging a sister, will remember he's naked shortly. Once Randomly lets go of him, blinks, and then laughs*

Heartstone: *is hovering. Has forgotten that she's streaking too, because she's not cold*

Chagrin: *blushing and taking the sleeping robe, thanks*

Randomly: *then looks around* This..your place?

Chagrin: Yes...just bought it.

Randomly: *boggle* ...How long was I gone?

Heartstone: *looks down. Sees self. Shrieks*

servant: *offers her a robe*

Heartstone: *puts it on quickly*

enting: *in skirt house! Is happy!*

Randomly: *giggling only as a Randomly can*

Heartstone: Um... not very long. I don't think...

Randomly: *then whimpers* I'd been searching for the right reality for months...

Heartstone: 0_0 *looks at Chagrin*

servant: Planswalking can be confusing.

Randomly: ...Who's that? *loooook*

Heartstone: He's one of the servants. They came with the place.

Randomly: .....ooooooo.....

servant: *to Chagrin* Master, will this lady be staying for the night?

Randomly: ...Honey. Where's my Honey?

Chagrin: ...He's been searching for you nonstop... *to the servant* Yes...wait... *looking for his items now*

servant: Can I bring you something?

Chagrin: *decribes a small rune* It was to let the others know if someone had found Randomly.... or Honeyfuggle won't stop searching until his Temporal powder runs out...

servant: I'm going to get it now. *makes the footsteps sound as he goes*

Randomly: *worryworry*

Heartstone: *gentle pat pat, and then a squeak as the enting goes out to find the garden and his brother again*

Randomly: *then* Oh! Lookie! *is now on the other side of the pool* Cool, huh?

Heartstone: *startles, but then laughs*

Randomly: *portals back* I'm still learning, but... *grin*

Heartstone: *grins back, and then looks at sister in law* Ohhh, you need a bath too.

Randomly: ...I think I had one when I came in! AHAHHAHAH! *yep, still wet*

Heartstone: *quirks a little grin and looks at her husband*

servant: *back with the rune*

Chagrin: *grins, and then takes the rune, and rubs it*

Rune: *glow*

Heartstone: *watching, one hand absently gathering up the skirt of her robe*

Honeyfuggle: *homes in on the rune, using his Amulet of Recall to get there... and now there's a Sky Guard and a fledgeling griffon in that pool*

Chagrin: .... *facepalm*

Randomly: HONEY! *inthepoolandglomp!*

Heartstone: *startled giggling*

servant: ...We should bring them to the bigger bath.

servant 2: Let them finish saying hello.

Honeyfuggle: *is happily glomping back before realizing he's in a pool*

Griffon: *wasted nooooo time getting out of the pool, preening now, thanks*

servant: Should we help them out, master?

Chagrin: ...Yes.

pool: *suddenly swishing with at least four unseen bodies. The servants are larger than they sound*

servants: *gently lift Honeyfuggle and Randomly and carry them out of the room, promising clean clothing and somewhere comfortable to sleep*

Randomly and Honeyfuggle: *have each other, could be sleeping in the Temple of Filth and be happy.* ... *well, almost*

Heartstone: *hunkered down as another servant leads the young griffin out of the room. Is intently studying the floor*

Chagrin: *grinning, then looks at Heartstone* Heartstone?

Heartstone: One of the servants has horselike hooves. *is looking at watery footprints!*

Chagrin: Huh.

Heartstone: But I can't tell anything about the others that were here except that two of them have big feet. *looks up*

Chagrin: Well, they are Genie...

Heartstone: What are Genie? *stands and comes over to him*

Chagrin: *isn't quiiiite sure himself, but explains what he's heard*

Heartstone: *listens* So they're something like a construct?

Chagrin: In a way.

Heartstone: *turns her head as she hears soft footsteps coming back*

servant 2: *in her soft voice* What would you like now?

Chagrin: The others...will know Randomly's back. We can... provide proof tomorrow. *as in, sleep would be good right now*

Heartstone: *soft yawn that she muffles against him*

servant 2: Do you want a drink before you sleep?

Chagrin: Drink?

Heartstone: *sleepily* Spiced rum?

Chagrin: ...Spiced rum.

servant 2: I know the recipe. *sounds happy* How much do you want?

Chagrin: Not... that much, for me. Heartstone?

Heartstone: *shows the size of the smallest tankard at the tavern*

Chagrin: *nods lightly* That should be good for me as well.

servant 2: Yes, master and mistress. *small feet tap away*

Heartstone: *takes Chagrin's hand and heads for the pillow pit, only to stop as she sees an ornate cradle standing by it*

Chagrin: *stops and looks at it as well* o.O

Heartstone: *frowns and goes to look, then chuckles softly* They put the baby to bed.

Chagrin: *chuckles lightly*

Mushi: *snuggled in a nest of silken blankets under the canopy of the rocking cradle, which is rocking gently all by itself*

Chagrin: *will lead Heartstone into the pillow pit*

Heartstone: *is cautious at first, but is soon reclined against a pile of pillows and looking wonderingly up at the skylight over the garden and the stars that are peeking in*

servant 2: The other babies are sleeping by the fountain. *holds out the tray with the two beautiful golden and bejeweled mugs on it* Should we leave them there?

Chagrin: *nods* They'll be fine there. *takes the mugs, handing one to Heartstone*

Heartstone: Thank you. *sips after bowing her head, then looks up* How do we turn off the light?

servant 2: Why, just tell the light that you want it to lower.

Chagrin: Interesting.

Heartstone: Light, please let it be dark in here.

light: *slowly lower till the room is in a comfortably dim twilight that is only interrupted by a soft light from the fountain on the floor below*

Heartstone: Ooooo.

Chagrin: *drinking his rum, sighing happily*

Heartstone: *remembers her drink and emulates her husband, then puts the empty mug back on the tray and snuggles down among the pillows. Is amazed to find herself comfortable without blankets* *big yawn*

Chagrin: *does likewise, snuggling close to his wife*

Heartstone: *thanks the servant, then cuddles Chagrin* *softly* Thank you.

Chagrin: *smiles, and snugs* You're welcome.

Heartstone: It's like something out of a dream. I never thought something like this could be... real... *sleeps*

Chagrin: Neither could I... *joins Heartstone in sleep*

((Co-written withrandom_xtras))