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Ratchet: *head and shoulders in a tank he's repairing* Columbia, stop storming the supply cabinet.

Columbia: ... *pout*

Ratchet: *hand comes out of the tank* Do you see my nine sixteenths ratchet?

Columbia: *blink blink, but hands it over*

Ratchet: Thanks. *work work work*

Rap: *peeks in, absently shaking a can of spray paint* Sup, lil' C?

Columbia: I'm not allowed to build anything. *still pouting*

Rap: Why not?

Columbia: Dad doesn't want me in the supply cupboard.

Ratchet: *absent blink* I didn't say that. I only asked you to stop attacking it.

Rap: *looks at spray can. Looks at Ratchet's aft. Griiins*

Columbia: I wasn't. I was trying to reach the top shelf.

Ratchet: *starts to withdraw himself from the tank, only to yelp and hit his head as Rap spray paints his nether region* Rap!!!!!!

Rap: *gone* *laughing*

Columbia: *trying hard not to laugh*

Ratchet: *now wearing an Autobot logo on his aft and a thunderous scowl on his face as he stands and rubs his head*

Dev: *pops in* Nice.

Ratchet: *sighs and reaches for paint remover* That's Jazz's kid alright.